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Asset Tracking: Put RFID to Work
Integrated Solutions

Asset tracking is all about asset management and utilization, and you want to optimize that utilization as much as possible. Here's how one company reduced asset cycle time from six to three days.

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Buying In
DC Velocity

Some companies have yet to jump into the RFID pool because of skepticism or misunderstanding. A new report seeks to educate them on the RFID benefit$ that many companies have already seen.

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Enterprise, Know Thyself: Cost-Efficient RFID Asset Management
Industry Week

RFID technology is known for its use in tracking items as they flow through the supply chain - but what about assets that don't go out the door?

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Fitting in with RFID version 2007

It seems obvious that to be a leader in your field you can’t just "fit in." However, the irony is that in the RFID software realm leading actually means following RFID technology trends. So to best fit in with RFID in 2007, Fluensee kept close track on the year that was.

RFID’s status is often judged by those affected by RFID mandates. In the past, "slap & ship" was their mantra, but in 2006 many of these companies began looking for benefits outside of their obligations. This led to an interest in open and closed-loop asset tracking and management that has spread to other companies who have been looking for better asset visibility and control. In fact, many are finding that time saved in inventory processes alone is enough to prove RFID’s worth.

RFID vendors continued to hear the “wait & see” response in 2006. Between HF/UHF debates, “Gen 2 Class 2” whispers and confusion over RFID’s capabilities, it was hard to convince prospects that what exists now (or what you’re specifically selling) is lasting and effective. This has led us to the conclusions that 1) 2006 didn't give us any RFID tag front runners, and 2) the need for RFID education is still alive and well in 2007.

So as an industry leader, how have we responded to these issues to "fit in" with RFID version 2007? First of all, Fluensee is set to launch an RFID asset tracking starter kit in just a little over a month. Based on our proven AssetTrack software, the kit is ideal for those wanting to realize the benefits of RFID asset tracking. Secondly, because our software is RFID hardware independent, we are continuing to make valuable partnerships with other RFID leaders so we can provide companies with best-of-breed implementations that can evolve with the technology.

And lastly, we’ve responded by trying to keep you informed, though we hope you'll do the same for us! Contact us anytime at info@fluensee.com and we’ll be glad to fit you in.

Tim Harvie
President & CEO

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Fluensee's RFID Asset Tracking Starter Kit to Launch at RFID World
Fluensee will launching our new RFID starter kit at RFID World, Mar 26-28, in Dallas, TX. Stop by our booth (#1111) anytime to see a demo, meet our team and get a 50% off coupon for orders before April 15th!

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Fluensee's solutions are highlighted, as well as our upcoming RFID starter kit, in Colorado's popular magazine on business trends throughout the state.

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