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Fleet Optimization
Optimizing Fleet Operations Through GPS Tracking
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Read how GPS fleet tracking is being used by more and more businesses looking to better optimize their routing, track fuel use and, in general, manage their vehicles.

GPS Fleet Tracking
Do You Know How To Locate Your Vehicles?
Integrated Solutions

As small enterprises move to optimize their field forces, they're proving that GPS technology is not just for large fleets.

RFID Asset Tracking
RFID-Based Asset Tracking in Manufacturing
RFID Update

Read how companies are identifying ROI with RFID-based applications used to drive better asset utilization and improve business processes.

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Many companies, big and small, use a fleet of vehicles for one or more business purposes.  To help improve our solution, it helps us to consider the various fleet sizes that companies are using.  

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Who's Getting His Kicks on Route 66?

Gas prices and fuel taxes continue to go up. Drivers are in short supply. Idle times are scrutinized. But everyone wants their shipments as timely as possible.

Fleet owners are facing a lot of tough issues these days, which is why Fluensee is putting a little extra focus toward our friends with fleets in this quarter's newsletter. In fact, our top two articles discuss how global positioning systems (GPS) can help make things easier for our nation's fleets.

GPS and wireless messaging has long been established as an interesting way to show you (or tell you!) where you are. But paired with the right fleet management application, it is quickly becoming a means of improving fleet performance in a variety of ways:

  • Adaptive route optimization allows new routes to be planned based on real-world events. Traffic accidents can be avoided, road closures can be detoured, and on-time deliveries can increase.
  • Pre-planning allows fleet managers to perform graphical "what-if" simulations to immediately see the impact of any hypothetical scenario.
  • Dispatch management tools let dispatchers monitor the real-time movements of their fleet and make spur-of-the-moment changes.
Fluensee's Fleet management solution includes the above capabilities, as well as many other modules, to best assist fleet owners in coping with everyday issues and not-so-everyday issues. Customers such as DHL have been realizing the benefits of Fluensee Fleet for years, and we'd be happy to show you how GPS and fleet management software can help make your fleet more efficient and effective.

And, yes, we can also tell you who's getting his kicks on, among other places, Route 66.

Paul Johnson
VP, Fleet Operations

fluensee highlights

Fluensee Launches AssetTrack Express RFID Starter Kit
RFID Product News

Sun Microsystems Uses RFID & Fluensee to Track Event Assets
CASE STUDY - Learn how Fluensee's Dock solution has helped Sun Microsystems manage IT assets for their Events Group.

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Fluensee CEO, Tim Harvie, weighs in on the future of RFID technology.

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