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RFID Technology
RFID's Next Stage
Integrated Solutions

RFID has seen its share of highs and lows over the past few years. Where is it now and where can we expect it to go?

Tracking Technology
Analyst on the Growing Market for WiFi-based RTLS
RFID Update

What does the future hold for WiFi-based RTLS? Fluensee has certainly seen increased interest in using WiFi with our hardware-agnostic asset tracking solution, but has everyone?

Asset Tracking
Understanding Your Asset-Tracking Options
RFID Journal

Fluensee's asset tracking solutions are hardware- and platform-agnostic, and can adapt to nearly any asset tracking option. But what option fits your company best?

RFID and Sarbanes Oxley
RFID + SOX = ROI for Public Companies
RFID Switchboard

Companies continue to invest in becoming SOX compliant, but adding RFID to the mix gives you that and much more.

tell us how you see it

Now you've seen and read about what others are wanting to track using RFID, and suddenly your project seems pretty reasonable.

So tell us, what would you track at your company?

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You Want to Track What?!
The Infinite Uses of RFID

It wasn't many years ago when people were racking their brains trying to figure out what to do with RFID. Implementations were forced and integration was minimal. But now people are seeing the potential of RFID, and the question has changed from "what can we do," to "what can't we do?!"

So if you're leery about whether or not your project is possible, take a look at some of the RFID tracking projects I've heard about lately:

  • Sushi Plates
  • Fabric Rolls
  • Underground Utility Assets
  • Horse Oats
  • Casino Chips
  • Aquarium Fish (NOT related to Sushi Plates!)

Projects that are providing companies with the quickest ROI, though, are implementations based on tracking high-value, assets within a closed loop. It may not sound very exciting at first, but companies continue to prove that those three qualities are important no matter what is tracked.

That's where a good asset tracking solution comes in; it realizes that no matter what your asset is, from a sushi dish to a clown fish, it is still just an asset and that businesses, even in the same industry, can still have different processes. This is why Fluensee created its web-based AssetTrack solution, a hardware- and platform-agnostic solution that offers the flexibility and scalability to serve any company in any industry. We strived to create a solution that focused on the responsibility of asset tracking and management, with the ability to customize it for your specific industry and business processes.

We even developed an RFID asset tracking starter kit with similar functionality for those wanting to get their feet wet before jumping into the RFID pool. So no matter what, when someone says, "You want to track what?!" you can confidently reply, "Whatever we want!"

Chris Brumett
VP, Operations

fluensee highlights

New Fluensee Application Helps Shippers Better Manage Yard Environments and Inventory
Logistics Management

Fluensee Sponsoring 2007 Colorado RFID Expo
Fluensee will be a platinum sponsor at this year's Colorado RFID Expo. The event will feature RFID-related companies throughout Colorado, and will have subject matter for both RFID rookies and veterans alike.

BlueStar and Fluensee Ink Distribution Deal
Fluensee enters into strategic partnership with BlueStar to distribute AssetTrack Express RFID starter kit.  Fluensee will be presenting the AssetTrack Express solution at the BlueStar event, VARTECH 2007.

Fluensee Honored with Multiple Awards
Fluensee has recently been recognized as both a 2007 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 honoree and the CSIA Rookie of the Year winner.

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