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RFID Forecast
RFID Markets Staying Strong: 21 percent Annual Growth Predicted through 2012
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

You want to do a 2008 implementation, but maybe you're still a little worried about the RFID market. Never fear.

RFID Forecast
RFID's Signal Getting Stronger
DC Velocity

RFID interest continues to grow as experts dispel rumors and confirm that RFID is within reach for nearly any company.

RFID Case Study
Manufacturer Uses RFID to Track Assets, Manage Inventory
Integrated Solutions

Read about why one manufacturer selected RFID for its asset tracking and management needs, and how RFID was able to address even their more difficult issues.

RFID Preparation
Recognizing Real RFID Adoption Potential
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

We're not the only ones telling you how to prepare for RFID in 2008. For a second opinion, read these suggestions.

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You've read about a handful of ways to prepare for your RFID implementation in 2008, but have you taken any of the steps? What stages have you completed?

Not planning 2008 implementation
General RFID research
Tracking environment considered
Project plans and goals evaluated
ROI information gathered
Potential partners/vendors identified
Already implemented RFID

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3 Steps to Prepare for RFID in 2008
What every company should consider before investing in RFID

planningRFID case studies are some of the hottest documents an RFID prospect can get his hands on, yet most of these documents only tell you how RFID is already working for someone else. In fact, they often neglect what may be the most important part of an RFID implementation - preparing to become an RFID buyer.

1. The first step in your RFID adventure should always be to define the goals of your project. The more you know about what you want to do, the easier it will be to find the right provider. And in the continuously improving world of RFID, additional information about your project will help provider better develop a project that will best suit all your needs.

2. But before going to an RFID provider, do a bit of general RFID research on your own. Not only will this help set your expectations for what RFID can and can't do, but it could also help you realize that RFID might only be part of your solution. Perhaps barcodes can be used on some of your items, but GPS for others. Maybe a combination of passive and active RFID will be your best solution. Information about RFID, which is available on many vendors' and organizations' websites, will enable you to become a more educated buyer.

3. One of the most important steps, but one that's often overlooked, is gathering information to help determine your potential ROI. If you don't know how much time or money your current inefficiencies are wasting, how will you know when or if your RFID investment will pay off? Spend some time considering these numbers. The results may scare you a bit, but your project will be much easier to justiy if you define the line you need to cross to get a return on your investment.

Finally, if this preparation still leads you toward an RFID implementation, please consider contacting Fluensee. Our experienced professionals, technology-agnostic solutions, and quick ROI results will be able to address all the information you gathered during you research. And if, after a successful implemenation, you want to do a traditional case study to show off to others, we'll understand.

Tim Harvie
President & CEO

fluensee highlights

Fluensee Platinum Sponsor at Colorado RFID Expo
Fluensee sponsored and exhibited at the Colorado RFID Alliance's (CORFIDA) recent event, which focused on the advancement of RFID technology in Colorado. To learn more about CORFIDA please visit www.corfida.org.

Fluensee to Participate in the Asset Management Conference & Expo
Jan 22-23, Atlanta

The Asset Management Conference & Expo is becoming one of the leading events on issues surrounding asset visibility and optimization, and Fluensee will be there with information on their leading AssetTrack solution.

Fluensee White Papers Available for Download
Fluensee's white papers are another great way to learn about the benefits of RFID. Currently you can download papers on RFID asset tracking for IT assets, for the educational sector, and for complying with Sarbanes-Oxley.

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