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RFID Technology
10 Reasons to Adopt RFID

Still trying to build a business case for RFID in your company? Need help convincing company execs? Make sure you know all the best reasons.

Tracking Technology
Real Solutions In Real Time: RFID And RTLS
Integrated Solutions

Real-time location system (RTLS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies are both offering a new level of real-time operational visibility.  Can your team take advantage?

RFID Technology
Visibility, Value and Voting with RFID
RFID Switchboard

One of RFID's primary benefits has always been visibility. How much do you need, and what will it be worth?

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A "Universal Remote" for Asset Tracking?

I recently saw a commercial for a new high-tech universal remote - the last remote I'd ever have to buy; the remote to replace all remotes! My mind drifted to work and I wondered how many different vertical asset management applications a company could pile up before they realized their need for a new type of "universal remote."

Industry specialists have given us individual solutions for file tracking, medical equipment tracking, pallet tracking and more, but wouldn't businesses benefit most with a single, universal solution for tracking ALL assets?

What would a universal solution look like? First of all, it would have to be flexible enough to track all the different assets of a business from laptops to lab equipment. It would have to be able to communicate with a variety of auto-ID options so that the best one could be used for each asset. It would also have to be open enough to integrate with existing company applications. And it would have to be highly scalable to grow as the business grows. In short, it would have the ability to adapt to the company's needs and evolve as the company's needs change.

Forgoing the rigidity of a vertical industry solution, Fluensee has created just such a universal asset tracking and management solution called AssetTrack. Whether it's used for a single asset type or multiple asset types, the solution is flexible, scalable and robust enough that you will always get the system that's best for your business without the high cost of multiple, customized solutions. It may not glow in the dark like your universal remote, but it will be the last asset tracking and management solution you'll ever need.

Leanne Smullen
VP, Marketing
(303) 799-0700

fluensee highlights

Fluensee Presenting at Motorola's RFID in Motion Event, March 11-12
Fluensee will be showcasing its RFID asset tracking solutions in Los Angeles on Mar 11, and Seattle on Mar 12 to all users interested in improving their asset tracking and management processes.

Feds Buy Into IT Asset Tracking
RFID Switchboard

RFID Switchboard highlights how Fluensee's AssetTrack solution is being implemented to track federal IT assets.

Fluensee Exhibiting at RFID Journal Live, April 16-18, Las Vegas
Visit Fluensee at RFID Journal Live, Booth 756. Fluensee will be demonstrating its AssetTrack solution and answering your questions about how RFID would work for tracking your assets.

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