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IT Asset Tracking
Mixing Passive with Active RFID for IT Assets
RFID Switchboard

Fluensee's solution is hardware-agnostic allowing any technology to be used. Find out which is best for tracking your IT assets and give us a call.

Keg Management
Tapping the Keg
Global Identification

Fluensee's AssetTrackTM is now being used in the brewing industry for tracking kegs throughout the supply chain. Read what some think is the next revolution in brewing.

RFID & GPS Tracking
Combine RFID And GPS For Asset, Inventory Management
Integrated Solutions

Fluensee's yard management and trailer tracking solution uses the powers of both RFID and GPS to provide a cost effective and high quality tracking system.

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With a slowed economy, how would you expect RFID to save you money?

Fewer lost or missing assets
Better use of existing assets
Automated, optimized workflows
Labor savings inventorying or locating assets
Accurate asset records for compliance efforts

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In Uncertain Times How Can RFID Help?

In today's economy, organizations are forced to do more with less, and are not only charged with getting immediate results, but also to keep planning for future expansion. Can RFID really address these competing priorities?

For many, the answer is yes. An effective RFID solution uses automation, process improvements and key data to help you optimize the use of your current assets, workforce and time. Specifically RFID can help ensure:

  • Less time is spent finding assets and taking inventory
  • Better use of existing assets (no need to buy or lease addition assets)
  • Improved asset security
  • Fewer manual errors
  • Reports on who has assets where
  • Easier process management (repair, maintenance, cleaning, etc.)

Fluensee's AssetTrackTM differentiates itself further because it is a hardware-agnostic solution that can use any type of existing or future Auto-ID tracking technology so it can grow and evolve as you do. You could say that planning for the future is built into our solution.

Existing Fluensee customers are seeing immediate and significant ROI, and many are planning to expand RFID-enabled asset management to other departments to further reduce costs. To find out more please visit our case study page . We hope to hear from you as you plan for 2009. In the meantime, please enjoy a happy holiday season with your family and friends.

Tim Harvie
President & CEO

fluensee highlights

New, Free Aberdeen Report - "Where RFID Meets ROI: Beyond Supply Chains"
Fluensee recently announced its sponsorship of the new research report, which analyzes survey responses from a variety of global organizations and identifies the best RFID supply chain strategies.

Fluensee Announces Partnership with Leading IT Asset Security Hardware Manufacturer
Fluensee signed an RFID-powered IT agreement with PC Guardian, which allows the IT security company to launch a comprehensive RFID-enabled IT security solution in early 2009.

NEW Fluensee Case Studies
A compilation of three customer case studies is now available from Fluensee. Highlighted are ROI benefits from companies doing IT asset tracking, pallet tracking, and equipment tracking.

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