How can AssetTrack™ be used to track IT assets?

AssetTrack in an IT environment allows for real-time inventory and security of laptops, servers & networking equipment in your data center or throughout your company.

AssetTrack provides an end-to-end solution that offers companies an effective, labor saving method of tracking constantly changing IT inventory and unused assets. It leverages the special capabilities of RFID to support the range of data elements and business processes required to effectively track and manage IT assets. Fluensee AssetTrack creates an environment where you automatically know what you have without manual intervention.

Fluensee AssetTrack Features

  • Real-time asset visibility and monitoring for more secure assets and data
  • Automated inventory management capabilities
  • Asset history and audit trails
  • Alerts based on changes in asset states or movements
  • Robust reporting capabilities for better management decisions

Fluensee AssetTrack Benefits

  • Automatically know what you have without manual intervention
  • Prevent theft and loss with real-time monitoring alerts
  • Maintain more accurate and cost-effective physical inventories
  • Better compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Reduce time and labor costs
  • Avoid new capital purchases and improve asset deployment


Download the Fluensee AssetTrack™ product sheet


Fluensee AssetTrack in a data center environment.

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