How can AssetTrack™ be used for shipping, receiving and returnable assets?

AssetTrack can help direct workflow, optimize shipping and receiving operations and better manage returnable, reusable containers at your facility. AssetTrack combines integrated workflow, RFID and other automatic identification technologies to transform any shipping/receiving facility into a streamlined operation. It decreases time spent manually assigning locations, printing out shipping documents and it also allows for dynamic optimization which helps you prioritize and process the right freight first.

Companies that ship and receive products every day need better visibility of their operations. Many times these products are shipped in returnable, reusable containers that are lost or not well managed. AssetTrack helps companies that have just a few dock doors to those with high-velocity, high-volume operations improve customer service and reduce inventory and transportation costs.

Leveraging recent advances in RFID technology, Fluensee AssetTrack™ provides a solution to automate the management of returnable, reusable containers and of shipping and receiving operations. Managers enjoy the benefit of real-time visibility, prioritization tools and reports as they make their operations more accurate and more efficient.

Fluensee AssetTrack Features

  • Dynamic door assignment
  • Shipment prioritization and tracking
  • Supports RFID, barcodes, sensors and manual data entry
  • Event notification and alerting
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Fluensee solutions and WMS, ERP and host systems

Fluensee AssetTrack Benefits

  • Improve order accuracy
  • Reduce number of misloads
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Reduce warehousing costs
  • Increase customer service cycle times
  • Improve the flow of merchandise through distribution centers
  • Decrease the number of dock employees need for same freight volume


Download the Fluensee AssetTrack™ Case Study for Sun Microsystems

Download the Fluensee AssetTrack™ product sheet here


Fluensee AssetTrack in a shipping & receiving environment.

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