RFID keg tracking provides breweries an automated means to supply chain visibility

Contrary to popular belief, brewing isn't all fun and games - especially when it comes to managing kegs in the supply chain. Without accurate and timely information about a keg fleet, breweries can suffer long cycle times, inadequate inventory, lost or missing kegs, and even a lack of quality control and customer service. Unfortunately this leads to increased keg purchases and decreased margins and revenue.

Fluensee's AssetTrack helps track kegs for some of the countries most respected breweries, giving them the information and visibility to optimize the use of each keg owned. Our RFID-enabled solution allows breweries to better manage shipping and receiving, cleaning and maintenance, and keg locations, through features such as workflow management, real-time exception alerts and even "1-click" inventory to instantly learn what is available.

rfid keg tracking diagram
RFID keg tracking diagram

AssetTrack can also automate many processes, reducing human error, saving time, and leaving brewers to focus on what's most important: beer.

AssetTrack Features

  • 100% web-based keg management software
  • Easily configurable software with customizable dashboard
  • Alert feature helps brewers quickly respond to unplanned events
  • Automated scheduling of workflow and maintenance
  • Provides custom and ad hoc reports
  • Automated shipping and receiving
  • Complete, accurate asset history helps remove operational bottlenecks

AssetTrack Benefits

  • Improved keg turnaround time (an estimated 25 percent faster)
  • Fewer keg losses
  • Improved inventory, order and tracking accuracy
  • More detailed data about the keg and its contents -- individual unit tracking
  • Improved security based upon knowing where kegs are
  • Reduced labor costs spent tracking and managing inventory
  • Better customer service, accurate customer billing

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