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Fluensee develops and implements RFID-enabled solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of tracking and managing physical assets. Our asset management solutions improve the visibility, accuracy, security and utilization of a company's mobile and fixed assets.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Denver's Tech Center, Fluensee is a single-source provider of RFID-enabled asset management solutions that include:

  • Our robust, highly configurable asset tracking and management software
  • Hardware from best-of-breed RFID, barcode, GPS and sensor technology manufacturers
  • Professional services to ensure that your asset management project is implemented to meet your goals and budget

Fluensee's solutions benefit companies of all sizes and in many different types of industries. Companies that have a need to track and manage these types of assets can benefit from Fluensee's solutions:

  • IT Assets: servers, laptops, networking equipment, monitors, peripherals
  • Equipment: tools, parts, work-in-process, lab equipment
  • Reusable Assets: pallets, totes, bins, trays, kegs, roll cages
  • Transportation: trucks, fleets, trailers in yards

Managed by technology and supply chain industry veterans, Fluensee understands the business needs of asset-intensive enterprises. We help organizations enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased asset utilization (30-70%)
  • Increased speed and efficiency with which employees find lost or misplaced assets
  • Decreased labor costs associated with finding and managing assets (potentially by more than 90%)
  • Cut inventory costs by 50%
  • Decreased human error and operational bottlenecks to improve throughput

Fluensee provides the software, hardware and services that can help you achieve these types of benefits. With our real-world experience we'll help you build a case for RFID as it applies to your company and your industry.

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