Case Study

Global Mining Company - Pallet Tracking

Needed better visibility and control of 40,000 pallets

Business Issue

  • Used wooden pallets to ship large copper spools - converted to 40,000 plastic pallets tagged with RFID
  • Needed visibility and control of higher value assets

Solution: Fluensee AssetTrack™

  • Planning and monitoring of pallet movements and shipments
  • 4 passive RFID tags per pallet
  • Interface with order management system
  • Validation of pallet turns and number of pallets at customer sites
  • System generates shipping paperwork automatically

Key Benefits and Savings

  • Using 1/15th the number of pallets with new solution
  • Saving $100,000 per month (better assets, better visibility)
  • Improved asset utilization and record of turns
  • Automated and sped up shipping documents process
  • Visibility of pallets at end user sites allows for detention charges to be issued for late returns

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