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RFID Tag Considerations

Fluensee solutions work with any RFID tag from any manufacturer. Below is some information about what to consider when thinking about what type of RFID tag to use. Fluensee implements end-to-end RFID solutions, which means we'll help you choose the right tag for your requirements and needs.

RFID Tag ConsiderationsPassiveActiveSemi-Passive
DescriptionAn RFID tag without a battery or transmitter that receives energy from the reader and 'reflects back' coded dataA battery-operated RFID tag equipped with a transmitter that sends and receives coded data independent of the readerThe battery of this tag issued to power the integrated circuit (IC), not transmit. The tag 'reflects' like passive and is designed to be 'awakened' by energy from a reader.
Read RangeTypically 3-5 meters or less, depending on environment and product compositionUp to 100 meters or more despite harsh conditions (i.e. plastic and metal materials)Up to 10 meters, depending upon the environment and product composition
Multi-tag Reading CapabilitiesA single reader collects hundreds of tag reads within range; 100 tags moving at up to 3 mph or more can be read simultaneouslyA single reader integrates thousands of tags over a larger area; 30 tags moving at up to 100 mph or more can be read simultaneouslySingle reader collects hundreds of tag reads within range; 50 tags moving at up to 10-15 mph can be read simultaneously
Sensor CapabilityLimited -- more research needs to be done (universities R&D labs only)Able to continuously monitor and record sensor inputA battery allows for monitoring, typically noncontinuous, of environmental conditions
Data StorageRead/write data storage of 128 bytesRead/write data storage of 128 KB with data search and access capabilitiesRead/write data storage of 8-64 KB
Tag DurabilityPoor durability, typically requiring additional housing to be more ruggedized (increases cost and manufacturing complexity)Very durable and rugged, depending upon housing materialMedium durability, function of environmental conditions, ruggedized housing and mounting location
Tag LifespanLonger lifespan due to independence from battery - estimates place life expectancy at > 100,000 interactionsLife expectancy of 3-7 years depending upon duty cycle, usage and tag-to-reader communication transmission timesLife expectancy 1-3 years, depending upon duty cycle, usage, tag-to-reader communication transmission rate
Application SupportOnly supports tracking and monitoring applications at well-defined reader-enabled 'choke points'; RF performance can be negatively impacted by harsh environmentsSupports continuous, real-time inventory tracking and locating applications -- not restricted by reader-enabled checkpoints; proper configuration may be required to achieve optimum performance with certain environments.Supports tracking and monitoring applications where environmental condition of the asset is important to the end user (e.g. cold chain for vaccines, perishable products)
Cost Per TagTypically less than $1, depending upon capability, functionality and tag volumeApproximately $10 (low cost active) to > $50 depending upon the application, technology and tag volumeTypically more than $3-10, depending upon capability, functionality and tag volume
Source: Integrated Solutions Magazine

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Fluensee's RFID solutions are like home improvement projects - they come in all shapes and sizes, use many different requirements and have varying budgets. To help understand more about what would be required for your RFID project, please submit a Fluensee questionnaire and a team member will get back to you with information to help you with your decisions.


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