Equipment Leasing & Financing

A Robust Asset Tracking System to Benefit both Lessors & Lessees

Fluensee AssetTrack super-charges the asset tracking and management function for equipment lenders & lessors. This flexible RFID solution is configured to track specific assets on a portfolio or single line-item basis across all asset classes. This comprehensive system includes hardware, software and professional services, which are specifically designed for bank, independent, vendor and/or global lessors.

Benefits include:

  • Integrated pro-active equipment tracking solutions
  • Scalable programs to match portfolio growth
  • Enhanced regulatory and accounting compliance
  • Reduced Sarbanes-Oxley compliance costs
  • Increased overall portfolio ROE
  • Better property tax tracking
  • Improved coordination & lessee satisfaction with end-of-lease return conditions
  • Improved FMV tracking
  • Optimized IT data wiping process
  • Reduced collateral risk

Fluensee provides consulting services to design and implement optimal asset tracking systems. Whether it's for complete portfolios or those assets on specific customer MLAs or lease schedules, adding RFID technology automates many portfolio management functions. RFID reduces the labor required for routine lease "perfection," mid-term equipment inspection (or lease restructuring) and end-of-lease transactions, all of which boost internal control and improve customer service.

RFID lessor asset tracking solutions are available for all equipment types including:

asset management forklift
  • IT (on site & portable)
  • Medical imaging, diagnostic and patient monitoring
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Manufacturing equipment and machine tools
  • Golf carts and other on-site vehicles
  • Fork lifts & construction
  • asset tracking servers
  • Video conferencing and office technology equipment

Learn how a variety of equipment finance companies improve efficiencies by implementing an RFID asset tracking solution as part of their portfolio management process.


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