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"Everywhere," is not a very helpful answer when you're asking where all your equipment and tools are, yet it's often the only answer there is. Fluensee solves this problem by considering the needs and flow of each type of asset. Whether it's big or small, metal or plastic, indoor or outdoor, Fluensee will configure a system to meet your visibility needs.

Fluensee's robust software, AssetTrack™, effectively and efficiently monitors your items regardless of your tracking environment or situation. Our comprehensive application provides everything from asset location, description and status, to more complex business-oriented information, such as maintenance and security alerts. AssetTrack also includes reporting features so you can easily analyze essential data whatever your equipment, tools or parts might be.

  • Construction tools and equipment at multiple sites
  • Lab equipment, measuring equipment and other assets that undergo routine calibration or maintenance
  • Mechanical parts that need to be checked out when installed

Fluensee AssetTrack Features

  • Enables real-time discovery and location of assets
  • Provides user-defined event alerts
  • Integrates to existing applications (ERP, service desk, asset management systems)
  • Creates customized and ad hoc reports on asset location, status, history and more
  • Assigns asset accountability and security controls

Fluensee AssetTrack Benefits

  • Visibility into asset location, status, condition and more
  • Automated check in/out of equipment and tools
  • Repair, maintenance and calibration management and alerts
  • Reduced shrinkage and lost assets
  • Increased utilization of existing assets

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