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Fluensee's team has been in the industry for many years and has been asked all types of questions. If yours isn't on our list, contact us and we'll give you an answer as soon as possible.

How does a Fluensee asset tracking and management solution work?
Fluensee's solution pairs our feature-rich AssetTrack or Yard software with tracking technology hardware (RFID, barcode, GPS, sensors, etc.) from best-of-breed hardware manufacturers. Based on your situation and operation, our experienced engineers determine the ideal combination of technology for your organization. We'll help design the infrastructure, integrate AssetTrack or Yard to your existing systems and test the solution to ensure it incorporates your regular workflows and can grow as you do. Fluensee is always responsive and we ensure you're happy with the entire asset management solution from beginning to end.

What kind of technology does Fluensee use to track and manage assets?
Fluensee's software is technology-agnostic meaning it can process multiple automatic identification technologies. AssetTrack and Yard can even work with several of these data capture technologies simultaneously. This is ideal for companies that want to track different types of assets with different technologies. Perhaps RFID can be used on high-value assets and barcodes for assets that cost less or move less. Our flexible hardware-agnostic solution is also good for those companies that want to do a gradual upgrade from one technology to another over time.

Fluensee will suggest the appropriate automatic identification technology based on your unique workflows, your needs, your industry and the degree of asset visibility you require. Once these solution requirements are defined, Fluensee helps make the appropriate, most cost-effective recommendation for you and your organization.

What if I need a solution that can work with multiple tracking technologies at the same time? Can Fluensee address that requirement?
No problem. Fluensee's software is capable of processing multiple automatic identification technologies simultaneously. Because our software is built upon an open, scalable platform, this type of flexibility is possible. You do not need to be tied down to one technology, and Fluensee will always develop our software to process the newest automatic identification technologies, so the solution will not become obsolete over time.

What types of assets does Fluensee's solution track?
Fluensee's solutions are developed to work with all types of assets. We believe that all assets have similar management needs such as location tracking, status updates, exception alerts, workflow assignment and more. Automating the process of tracking and managing assets naturally costs more than manual processes, so we'll work with you to figure this out and then we can recommend an appropriate end-to-end solution based upon your needs, budget and goals.

What industries does Fluensee serve?
Fluensee's solutions are flexible enough to manage all types of assets in nearly every industry, but we focus primarily on companies and industries that want to automate the tracking and management of IT assets, reusable assets, equipment & tools, and transportation & logistics assets.
Browse to our industries page to learn more about the sectors with which we fit best.

Can Fluensee's solution help me comply with various industry and government regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley and the like?
Yes. Fluensee's RFID-enabled asset management solutions help companies match their virtual asset records to the physical assets found in reality. Our solutions provide updated asset inventories, eliminate inconsistencies in asset data and provide the auditable records necessary to ensure accounting operations are in compliance. No more mad scrambles to update and ensure the accuracy of asset records at audit time. When it comes to following regulations, AssetTrack and Yard provide:

  • Accurate financial statements as they relate to fixed assets
  • Reporting on events affecting fixed asset accounting
  • Monitoring and alerting to better secure assets and prevent theft or data breaches

How does Fluensee differ from other asset tracking solutions?
Fluensee's solutions are different because they are:

  • Technology-independent - you can use barcode, RFID, GPS or other tracking technologies simultaneously - you're not tied to proprietary technology that can become obsolete in a few years. This is an asset tracking solution that will grow as your organization grows.
  • Platform- and application-agnostic solution - you can run Fluensee's solution on any operating platform and it can be integrated with nearly any existing application your company uses.
  • Flexible and scalable system - whether you need to upgrade your tracking technology, change your business processes or track millions of assets, Fluensee's solution can evolve to meet your needs.
  • Experienced industry veterans - Fluensee's team has extensive knowledge and real-world RFID experience. We have transportation, logistics and technology backgrounds and have implemented successful end-to-end asset management solutions for some of the world's largest organizations.

How does the alerting function work in Fluensee's solution?
Fluensee's software provides alert notifications that help employees respond quickly and decisively to asset "exceptions." In other words, when assets make unauthorized or unplanned moves, someone will receive a text message or an email alerting them to these movements. With this functionality, you and your team can direct a company's resources toward your most immediate needs. Similarly, when a business process isn't followed to your plan or expectations, AssetTrack or Yard will send an alert. Your users can set up alerts to let you know when an asset leaves a specified location or if equipment has gone too long without maintenance. Fluensee's software includes common alerts and allows your users to easily create their own alerts based on critical business rules.

I don't currently have wireless capabilities. Can I still take advantage of Fluensee's solutions?
Yes, you can. Fluensee recognizes that many companies do not yet own wireless technology in parts of their operations. Our engineers can provide a complete site analysis and help you build the appropriate solution for your environment no matter the scenario. And over time, as your environment becomes more wireless, you'll be well-positioned to leverage up-to-the-minute data that wireless devices can provide. When this wireless data is processed by Fluensee's solutions, you'll be able to achieve even further productivity increases.

How much does a Fluensee asset tracking and management solution cost?
As you might expect, there is no "one size fits all" answer to this question. Fluensee's solutions are priced based upon a combination of the hardware infrastructure required, the number of "read points," the number of assets, and any customization or integration requirements that you may have. Typically, the more visibility and/or automation you require, the more expensive the solution will be. We will work with you to figure out the right technology to address your issues while staying within your budget. Please contact a Fluensee representative anytime to discuss your project and to get an initial estimate.

How will Fluensee's solution work with our existing systems and scale as our company grows and evolves?
Fluensee's software is designed with compatibility, flexibility and scalability in mind. It will integrate with virtually any operating system, any database environment such as Oracle, My SQL, Microsoft, etc. and most ERP and legacy systems you might have. Our AssetTrack and Yard solutions are also hardware-agnostic. This means that no matter what data capture technology might be designed or developed in the future, our software will work with it. The newest and latest automatic identification technology can be added to your Fluensee solution at any point in the future.

I have very limited resources, time, and do not have a budget to take on another huge implementation. Is there anything Fluensee can do?
Fluensee's solutions can start small and grow as your organization's needs grow. You can start with a smaller site analysis or a proof-of-concept project and work up from there as you have time and budget. We will work with you to help you build a business case for automated asset tracking and management. Also, all of Fluensee's solutions are 100% browser-based, which means that any authorized user can access the system if they have an internet connection. A browser-based system can be implemented in days or weeks, rather than months, like many other solutions.

Is it possible to evaluate Fluensee's solutions before we make any firm decisions?
There are a number of ways for you to evaluate Fluensee's solutions. Our team is always happy learn more about your situation and can start to figure out if automating your asset management process might make sense. We can then arrange an online software demonstration if necessary. We'd also be happy to help provide you with information that can help you build a business case for automated asset management at your company. If you decide to move forward, we can also provide a proof-of-concept or pilot project if you would like to evaluate our solution in your day-to-day environment. Call us today if you have questions and would like to get started.


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