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Many valuable assets are often in the IT department, whether it's the equipment itself or the data stored within. Many organizations have existing enterprise asset management solutions to help manage these assets, but find that updating asset information, such as location and condition, still requires extensive manual effort. Information about each IT asset can become outdated very quickly, and once an asset is off the network, it is no longer visible. This increases the risk of asset underutilization and of the asset being lost or stolen.

Fluensee's AssetTrack™ solution integrates with and enhances many companies' existing systems by using RFID to automate and speed up manual processes like asset searches and inventories, as well as recording location, status and condition. AssetTrack provides organizations with real-time data and exception alerts, allowing managers to use the most up-to-date information for their decisions.

Fluensee's end-to-end solution is also flexible and scalable so that it can meet the current and long-term needs for your IT asset management program, changing as your company's requirements evolve.

rfid it asset tracking
Real-time IT asset tracking

Fluensee AssetTrack Features

  • Enables real-time discovery and location of IT assets
  • Provides exception-based email alerts and incident management
  • Automates change order management
  • Integrates to existing applications (ERP, service desk, asset management systems) and ITIL and CMDB solutions
  • On-demand auditing capability
  • Creates customized and ad hoc reports on asset location, status, history and more
  • Assigns asset accountability and security controls

Fluensee AssetTrack Benefits

  • Unlocks the value of existing asset management systems by enabling them with real-time capabilities
  • Quickly locate critical equipment and avoid purchasing new, redundant assets
  • Improved IT asset lifecycle management
  • 1-click, real-time asset inventory of your IT assets right from your desktop
  • Improves IT asset security and adherence to regulations and compliance measures
  • Automates processes surrounding asset maintenance, warranties, repairs, upgrades and billing

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