Manufacturing WIP

RFID technology provides complete visibility and monitoring of assets

By nature, most work in process (WIP) assets are moving and so can be hard to track and manage. Fluensee's AssetTrack™ is an RFID-enabled solution that helps take the confusion out of tracking WIP and puts the control back in your hands.

AssetTrack uses an RFID infrastructure to give you visibility into your various processes, whether you have to locate a specific item, want to know how many assets are in a given step of the workflow, or need to know timing information about the process.

Fluensee's solution even lets you map your process using our workflow feature and then set exception alerts against it, meaning that if any requirements of the process aren't met - a skipped step, a slow timeline, etc. - manufacturing personnel will receive a notification to correct the situation.

Fluensee AssetTrack Features

  • Automates WIP location and process tracking
  • Provides real-time asset information and control
  • Creates workflows based on your tasks/processes
  • Time-stamps all process steps
  • Sends alert notifications for unacceptable events/processes
  • Produces detailed reports on output and efficiency
  • Summarizes asset locations and quantities within production line
  • Provides web-based information for all involved parties

Fluensee AssetTrack Benefits

  • Reduces manual errors and labor
  • Reduces bottlenecks, downtime and data input time
  • Increases output and labor efficiencies
  • Verifies workflow completion
  • Verifies production line set-up
  • Alerts users if process is deviated from
  • Reduces time spent on asset searches and inventories

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