Top Reasons for BMC to Team with Fluensee

Fluensee AssetTrack™ helps organizations to automate the process of tracking and managing IT assets. AssetTrack complements BMC's Remedy Asset Management solution by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to automate, monitor, and track IT assets in real-time, notifying staff when the assets aren't where they should be.

The powerful combination helps companies find assets that are on- and off-network, automate business processes and gain efficiencies that will deliver higher business value across more of the infrastructure, more quickly and at a lower cost.

Using AssetTrack and RFID tags placed on IT assets automates the discovery of assets, which saves time and labor required when taking inventory or assigning assets, while improving customer service in the areas of service level management, change management and release management. The Fluensee team is made up of RFID experts and is currently helping the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Sun Microsystems and Juniper Networks use RFID to automate the tracking of their IT assets.

9 Good Reasons for a Joint BMC - Fluensee Offering

Having your clients use AssetTrack and RFID to track and monitor IT assets will:

  1. Help differentiate BMC's Remedy Asset Management solution from the competition
  2. Provide automated, real-time tracking and notification of IT asset movement, which helps with process automation and efficiency gains
  3. Surpass HP's RFID/Asset Management solution by offering more robust IT asset management features and functionality
  4. Integrates with specific BMC solutions:
    • Remedy Asset Management / Remedy CMDB / Remedy Service Desk
    • Other
  5. Complements BMC Remedy Asset Management and BMC Discovery solutions(e.g. ability to incorporate IT assets not on the network, ability to capture non-IT assets, drift location tracking)
  6. Provide a strong ROI and a good reason to migrate to Remedy V7 and deploy a CMDB
  7. Give organizations real-time tracking and reporting on assets, which will help them comply with audits, security regulations, and Sarbanes-Oxley
  8. Opportunity to go back to existing customers to secure add-on sales
  9. Great fit for organizations that are focused upon process automation and process optimization

Fluensee AssetTrack and RFID Positively Impact These IT Concerns Through Real-Time Tracking and Management

  • Asset Management - Real-Time Asset Location Drift Management
  • Improved Security and Data protection
  • IT governance / Audit & Compliance
  • IT Process Automation - Clients can move from manual to automatic in areas such as discovery, change management, inventory, reporting, etc.)
  • Automated Event Escalation and Integration - Service Desk Ticketing / Monitoring & Management (PATROL) / Service Level Management
  • Business Process Integration Automate key business processes such as billing, shipping, order entry, inventory, accounts payable, etc.)
  • Improved Service Request Management
  • Automation of Manual Change Management Functions
  • Integration to Key Business Applications (ERP Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, Supply Chain Systems, Transportation Management Systems, etc.)
  • Enhanced Server Automation Functionality(real-time asset verification for audit purposes, event-triggered asset movement, etc.)
  • Enhanced Capacity Planning - Track and locate idle and unused IT resources

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