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Fluensee AssetTrack 4.0 Provides On-Demand, Real-Time Asset Inventory

New Release Integrated with Google Maps to Extend Visibility to Mobile Fleets and Assets

DENVER — February 10, 2009 — As part of its strategy to continually enhance its comprehensive RFID-enabled asset management software platform to all types of enterprise assets, Fluensee today announced the availability of AssetTrack 4.0, which introduces enhanced features such as on-demand, real-time asset inventory and integration to Google Maps that extends visibility beyond the enterprise to mobile inventory and assets.

Built upon patent-pending locationing technology, AssetTrack 4.0 is 100% browser-based, which allows organizations to use a single platform to better locate, monitor and manage all types of critical enterprise assets (IT and data center assets, tools, lab equipment, high-value inventory, furniture, vehicles, etc.) across multiple locations in various cities. AssetTrack provides customers with better visibility, tracking, security and utilization of their assets, using all types of automatic identification technologies (active or passive RFID, GPS, sensors or barcodes) from any manufacturer. This flexibility allows customers to invest in data capture technologies available today, knowing that their asset management platform will support the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

"Based upon experience we have gained from successful customer implementations in data centers, brewing, manufacturing and transportation, we have built new tools that extend real-time visibility of enterprise assets beyond client facilities to their mobile fleets as well," said Tim Harvie, president and chief executive officer of Fluensee. "In today's economic climate, organizations must do more with the assets they already have, so implementing a solution like AssetTrack 4.0, which typically delivers a return on investment within six to eight months, gives companies a better way to locate, secure, plan and manage all enterprise assets in real-time."

Key new features and functionality of AssetTrack 4.0 include:

Integration to Google Maps
With the new Google Maps functionality, clients using AssetTrack 4.0 can find the exact location of their moving assets. Using the appropriate automatic identification technology, customers can receive data about a particular asset and AssetTrack 4.0 provides its detailed map location. The application also lists alerts associated with the assets on the map, and lets the user know about asset status and condition. Integration to Google Maps and other third-party graphical tools helps AssetTrack show asset information location and movement history in a context that is easy for the customer. The functionality also supports and extends asset visibility to mobility-based solutions.

On-Demand, "Live" Physical Asset Inventory - Anytime, Anywhere
With one click, AssetTrack 4.0 provides users with the real-time location, status and condition of all of their enterprise assets. This ability to conduct real-time inventories helps organizations save time and labor costs associated with manual physical inventories. The on-demand functionality gives clients the ability to quickly see location changes or new events that might affect their operations, enabling them to make quick decisions if necessary. It also provides instant reports which help companies comply with internal audits and industry regulations. Since the asset data stored in AssetTrack 4.0 can be accessed from any web browser, organizations can also quickly compare the inventory at their location against inventory at a remote location, so they can manage multiple sites quickly and easily. This version allows customers to perform physical inventory, audits and asset searches in the field. AssetTrack 4.0 supports a wide range of handheld platforms including rugged industrial passive RFID readers (including Motorola's MC9090 and Intermec's IP30), mobile active RFID readers (such as RF Code's M220) and Windows mobile handsets.

Enhanced RFID Event Management
All of Fluensee's solutions, including AssetTrack 4.0, include a built-in RFID middleware component. The newest version of AssetTrack has new location mapping rules to leverage the most complex RFID tag technologies a company might require for real-time asset tracking, including active RFID and real-time locating systems. With improved alerting functionality, AssetTrack 4.0 gives customers the ability to receive alerts when an asset is tampered with, exceeds certain temperatures, begins to move, or moves when it is not expected to move.

Remote RFID Infrastructure Management
The newest version of AssetTrack lets clients remotely monitor and manage their RFID infrastructure, including RFID readers, through the user interface. This is particularly important for large-scale RFID deployments that use hundreds or thousands of RFID devices. Similar to when an IT server needs a reboot, if an RFID scanner stops reading tags, it isn't always practical for users to travel to the device location. AssetTrack 4.0 allows users to reboot the device remotely to get it running again.

Role-Based Dashboard and Ad Hoc Reporting
AssetTrack 4.0 provides a role-based dashboard that can be customized by combining pre-defined performance indicators, reports and charts, and allows clients to see different information based upon their particular needs. In addition to standard and scheduled reports, users can create and configure ad hoc reports through AssetTrack 4.0's browser-based report design tool.

Enterprise Application Integration
Many companies have existing enterprise asset management systems. By using the information captured by technologies like RFID, AssetTrack 4.0 adds a real-time capability to existing systems, which helps extend the value of an organization's legacy enterprise software investments. The latest version provides a faster way for companies to integrate AssetTrack to their existing database, asset management or enterprise systems.


Fluensee AssetTrack 4.0 is available for limited release at the end of February and will be generally available at the end of March. All of Fluensee's solutions are available as either a hosted Software as a Service model or a standard software licensing model for customers that want to host the solution themselves. For more information about the product, please visit www.fluensee.com/assettrack.html.

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Fluensee's RFID-enabled asset tracking and management solutions improve the visibility, accuracy, security and utilization of a company's mobile and fixed assets. Its end-to-end solutions combine highly configurable and patented software and implementation services with hardware from leading RFID, barcode, GPS and sensor technology providers. Fluensee offers its browser-based, enterprise-class AssetTrack™ solution that tracks IT assets, pallets, tools, equipment and all types of other high-value assets, along with its Yard™ application that is designed to efficiently manage assets in transportation and distribution environments. All of Fluensee's solutions are platform- and hardware-agnostic. Fluensee is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. For more information, visit www.fluensee.com.

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