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Fluensee Launches AssetTrack™ Solution to Equipment Financing Market

Robust RFID Asset Tracking System Benefits Lessors, Lessees

DENVER — February 22, 2010 — Fluensee, a leading provider of RFID asset tracking and management solutions, today announced it has launched AssetTrack™ as a value-add program to equipment leasing and financing companies. The program combines Fluensee's real-time, comprehensive asset tracking software with hardware and professional services which allows bank, independent, vendor and global lessors to offer asset tracking services to customers across all asset classes.

Fluensee's AssetTrack incorporates multiple automatic identification technologies, including RFID, barcode, GPS and sensor, to effectively track and manage many types of fixed and mobile assets within an organization. Lessees are able to increase their ROA (return on assets) through a more disciplined equipment utilization analysis, improved maintenance and lease provision compliance. AssetTrack can be customized to identify and track utilization and location of equipment in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, IT, transportation, logistics, construction, materials handling and retail.

Lessors also benefit from automated portfolio management-related functions that help reduce labor required for routine lease "perfection," mid-term equipment inspection (or lease restructuring) and end-of-lease transactions. Financers also can achieve greater portfolio ROE (return on equity) through reduced collateral risk, improved end-of-lease return condition coordination, enhanced regulatory and accounting compliance, and improved property tax tracking, all of which boost internal control and improve customer service.

Fluensee's RFID asset tracking system allows equipment financing companies to achieve many operational benefits, including:

  • Integrated proactive equipment tracking solutions
  • Scalable programs to match portfolio growth
  • Enhanced regulatory and accounting compliance
  • Increased overall portfolio ROE
  • Better property tax tracking
  • Improved coordination and lessee satisfaction with end-of-lease return conditions
  • Reduced collateral risk

"Fluensee's AssetTrack solution is a win-win for both lessees and lessors," said Tim Harvie, president and CEO, Fluensee. "Lessors gain a critical competitive advantage by providing solutions to customers to better track and manage leased assets, and lessees get a bundled, end-to-end system that allows better visibility and optimization of assets. Most importantly AssetTrack helps build a trusted relationship between lessor and lessee that will improve the long-term success of each company."

About Fluensee
Fluensee's RFID-enabled asset tracking and management solutions improve the visibility, accuracy, security and utilization of a company's mobile and fixed assets. Its end-to-end solutions combine highly configurable and patented software and implementation services with hardware from leading RFID, barcode, GPS and sensor technology providers. Fluensee offers its browser-based, enterprise-class AssetTrack™ solution that tracks IT assets, pallets, tools, equipment and all types of other high-value assets, along with its Yard™ application that is designed to efficiently manage assets in transportation and distribution environments. All of Fluensee's solutions are platform- and hardware-agnostic. Fluensee is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. For more information, visit www.fluensee.com.

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