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Fluensee Touts New RFID Yard Management Solution

Revamped Web-Based Yard Software Brings Expanded Features
and a Low-Cost Way to Manage a Yard Using RFID

DENVER — June 26, 2007 — RFID-enabled asset management and supply chain solution provider Fluensee is rolling out a new version of its Fluensee Yard™ solution, a browser-based yard management solution that boasts enhanced planning, management, and RFID visibility capabilities making it even easier for companies to insightfully manage the largest and most complex yard environments.

The new Fluensee Yard stands out as one of the only browser-based solutions in the transportation and distribution industry, and because of this, it is very simple to deploy and manage. Additionally, the new RFID-enabled Fluensee Yard software includes an enhanced user interface that provides a new level of visibility into yard and labor productivity, as well as an automated way to precisely locate transportation assets and inventory. Subscription-based alerts that can be received via multiple transports (email, SMS, etc.) and carrier-scheduled appointments are also new to Fluensee Yard.

“With the yard becoming a pressure point for companies that need to more effectively respond to customer service requirements, while improving cost control, we’ve updated our Yard solution to help businesses stay a step ahead, from the gate to the yard to the dock,” said Tim Harvie, CEO of Fluensee. “The new Fluensee Yard solution goes beyond yard visibility by also arming managers with business intelligence for strategic workflow planning, dynamic task assignments and accurate asset and labor management.”

Fluensee Yard in Action
Fluensee Yard is a comprehensive yard management solution that leverages RFID and real-time locating technology to find and manage trailer movements in and around the yard. Yard trucks are outfitted with RFID readers and on-board computers with GPS, which allow them to capture real-time trailer information and conduct drive-by inventories, and then instantly communicate this information wirelessly to the server. RFID-tagged trailers reduce the time and manual labor required to check in and out of the gatehouse.

The solution enables effective resource planning and product flow by generating reports and charts that track operations, productivity and carrier performance. Business filters can be applied to chart queries to give the user point-in-time snapshots. Additionally, Fluensee Yard automatically generates alerts for everything from late exits to “hot” trailers.

Fluensee Yard’s Key Features Include:

  • Real-Time Locating System – locates and controls trailers and containers using RFID and RTLS technology to eliminate manual data capture at the gate, yard and remote locations.
  • Gate Processing and Security – uses RFID technology to support the receipt and exit of equipment into the yard, reduce check-in / check-out times and improve security.
  • Scheduling and Task Management – dynamically assigns work across all current and future jobs in the queue via on-board terminals to the optimal yard trucks based on real-time yard conditions and priorities.
  • Yard Planning and Modeling – provides a graphical interface to assist with building effective yard plans, enforcing rules and streamlining overall yard operations.
  • Reporting – provides a variety of management and operational reports (number of inbound/outbound shipments, carrier performance, dock productivity, yard utilization, etc.).

The new Fluensee Yard solution is now available through Fluensee and its select partners. Orders can be placed directly by calling (303) 799-0702 or visiting http://www.fluensee.com/contact.html.

About Fluensee
Fluensee's RFID-enabled asset tracking and management solutions improve the visibility, accuracy, security and utilization of a company's mobile and fixed assets. Its end-to-end solutions combine highly configurable and patented software and implementation services with hardware from leading RFID, barcode, GPS and sensor technology providers. Fluensee offers its browser-based, enterprise-class AssetTrack™ solution that tracks IT assets, pallets, tools, equipment and all types of other high-value assets, along with its Yard™ application that is designed to efficiently manage assets in transportation and distribution environments. All of Fluensee's solutions are platform- and hardware-agnostic. Fluensee is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. For more information, visit www.fluensee.com.

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