Fluensee's products take advantage of RFID and other Auto-ID technologies to create effective and efficient asset tracking and management solutions

The Fluensee team is made up of experts who design and implement comprehensive asset tracking and management solutions. All of our solutions include software, hardware and services uniquely designed to fit your situation and environment.

Fluensee's asset tracking and management solutions include:

Software - no matter whether you're tracking assets or trailers in a distribution environment, Fluensee's solutions are designed to help you better monitor and manage them.

  • Fluensee AssetTrack™ is a proven, cost-effective RFID-enabled software solution that allows companies to significantly improve asset visibility, security and utilization. AssetTrack provides the business intelligence behind tracking assets and turns a multitude of asset data into actionable information.
  • Fluensee Yard™ is a comprehensive RFID-enabled yard management solution. Yard helps companies track trailers and other yard assets in a transportation and distribution environment, and automates the location and management of yard assets, gate processing, and carrier-scheduled appointments. It's an end-to-end yard management solution that provides real-time locating for one-third the cost of other similar solutions.

Hardware - No matter which Fluensee solution you choose, we will help you select the right hardware. Because our software is "hardware-agnostic" we work with almost any hardware manufacturer. Whether you're interested in RFID, GPS or sensor technology, we'll work with you to design an infrastructure that will provide timely, accurate data to the software.

Services - The Fluensee team works with your team to ensure that the entire solution is implemented on time and on budget. Our services include analysis, solution design, implementation, training and roll-out, and we'll ensure your solution is implemented seamlessly from start to finish.

Fluensee provides one stop for you when you want to automate your asset tracking and management processes. Contact us to learn more about our proven, patented technology and successful implementations with industry-leading customers.

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