Returnable Assets

From containers to pallets, RFID improves visibility into your supply chain assets

The mismanagement of returnable containers, pallets, totes, tanks and more can have dramatic effects on the time, labor and costs associated with shipping and receiving them. Often the inability to track these logistics assets can cause many problems for companies, including an investment in additional assets, and extra expense for employees to conduct searches, correct bottlenecks or perform manual counts.

Fluensee's RFID-enabled AssetTrack™ platform provides a proven, end-to-end solution that includes the software, hardware and professional services to implement a more automated system. By implementing RFID at key tracking points, critical processes and areas of high manual error, our solution can give companies the visibility, control and information to closely manage returnable assets without having to closely monitor them.

Container Centralen RFID case study article
RFID RTI webinar
RFID RTI white paper

AssetTrack also includes configurable workflow and alerting features, giving you the real-time control to fix problems before they escalate and optimize every reusable asset as it travels through the supply chain.

AssetTrack Features

  • Automated shipping and receiving management
  • RFID-enabled location tracking
  • Configurable workflows and exception alerts
  • Customizable fields and entries
  • Detailed inventory reports
  • Deployable to users throughout the company (single or multiple locations)

AssetTrack Benefits

rfid reusable container management
RFID and reusable asset tracking
  • Reduces human error
  • Notifies of inaccurate moves or improper procedures
  • Alerts when there are suboptimal shipping conditions
  • Quicker, more accurate inventories and asset searches
  • Reduces labor time and costs
  • Assigns asset accountability to customers/vendors
  • Helps prevent asset hoarding
  • Decreases misplacement, loss and theft
  • Reduces additional asset investments
  • Manages procedures such as cleaning, loading, and maintenance

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