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Fluensee's universal tracking software paired with best-of-breed technology allows us to create asset tracking & management solutions for any industry

Fluensee provides end-to-end RFID solutions that include everything from initial site analysis to post-implementation support. Fluensee's asset tracking and management systems can use any type of Auto-ID technology - or a combination of technologies - to meet your project requirements. The comprehensive software also gives users the flexibility to change fields, forms and functions to better adhere to your unique business processes. In other words, our solution's configurability gives you the quality and performance of a company-specific system.

Although Fluensee's asset tracking and management solutions are flexible enough to fit any situation for any organization, we've found that these uses have provided some of the biggest returns on investment.

Fluensee's RFID software can even combine uses for projects such as returnable equipment & tools, or manufacturing IT assets. In fact, our AssetTrack software is so flexible that you can literally build your own solution.

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