Fluensee Webinar

"RFID in Yard Management:
The Value of Visibility"
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fluensee would like to thank our presenters and attendees for participating in our above webinar. For anyone else who would like to see this informative webinar, please complete this form and a Fluensee representative will contact you shortly with a recording.

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Fluensee's RFID yard management solution is being implemented at customers' sites to give them better visibility, control and information regarding their trucks, trailers and other assets within the yard.

In this webinar, Fluensee will host a panel discussion with its newest Yard customer, as well as other industry experts who will discuss best practices in choosing, implementing, and gaining value from an RFID yard management system.

Please contact us at info@fluensee.com regarding any questions you may have, or to begin a discussion on how RFID may benefit your company.




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