Fluensee Webinar

"Real-World RFID Projects:
Keeping an Eye on IT Assets"
Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fluensee would like to thank our presenters and attendees for participating in our above webinar. For anyone else who would like to see this informative webinar, please complete this form and a Fluensee representative will contact you shortly with a PDF or recording.

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Fluensee's COO, Chris Brumett, and SRA International's Bryan Richards, the project manager for this implementation, were our presenters for this webinar and discussed how one of our current customers, a U.S. government agency, uses RFID to:

  • Provide real-time asset visibility and identification for thousands of IT assets in multiple locations
  • Achieve a time savings of more than 85% when inventorying IT assets
  • Reap the benefits of integrating an RFID-enabled system to existing business systems

Please contact us at info@fluensee.com regarding any questions you may have, or to begain a discussion on how RFID may benefit your company.




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