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Fluensee Yard version 5.0 updates all of our customer's favorite features in a new, user-friendly interface, while adding even more capabilities to provide value.

Fluensee Yard™ is a comprehensive yard management system that leverages RFID and GPS technologies to give you real-time locating abilities for a third of the cost of active or battery-powered solutions on the market.

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Successful yard management requires the ability to track the location and status of all vehicles, trailers and/or equipment throughout the yard. It also calls for streamlined and automated management of gate schedules and dock assignments. Manual, paper-based systems are incapable of providing this type of up-to-date information, and are much more time-consuming and prone to error.

Fluensee Yard combines RFID and GPS technologies with the most advanced business rules and processes to automate workflow and events across yard operations. It provides robust event management capabilities and alert notifications, while helping to reduce the labor associated with moving and managing yard assets.

Yard is 100% web-based and helps bridge the gap between warehousing and transportation. Our solution offers full automation, visibility and optimization from the time a vehicle approaches the inbound gate, to the dock activity, to the movement of trailers around the yard, to the time a vehicle leaves through the outbound gate.

Fluensee Yard Features

  • Real-time graphic locating system
  • Incoming/outgoing gate processing and security
  • Automated dock door assignments and trailer selections
  • Equipment matching
  • Real-time sharing of yard information across all departments
  • Carrier-scheduled appointments
  • Dynamic truck assignments based on real-time changes in the yard
  • Event alerts for late arrivals, critical shipments and more
  • Ad hoc and custom charts and reports
  • Yard planning and modeling

Fluensee Yard Benefits

rfid yard management system diagram
Automating the yard
  • Reduces inbound/outbound trailer bottlenecks
  • Helps build effective yard plans, enforce rules and streamline operations
  • Dynamic task management based on real-time conditions
  • Reduces time and labor associated with finding trailers and other yard assets
  • Improves utilization of equipment and dock doors
  • Uses real-time yard priorities to assign work to yard trucks
  • Enables immediate reactions to yard alerts through real-time communications
  • Reduces facility, equipment and vehicle down time

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